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Panini - Bakels Artisan Complete

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Recipe No:  394160r14
Group  Ingredient KG
1 Artisan Bread Complete 5.000
Water 3.750
Yeast 0.100
2 Olive Oil 0.230

  Total Weight 9.080
Method:  1. Place all ingredients except oil into a planetary mixer, use a paddle instead of a hook
2. Mixing time approx. 6 min on 3rd speed until dough is developed
3. Add olive oil to developed dough and mix for 1-2 min at slow speed / 1st speed
4. Rest in oiled container for 30 min (cover container with lid or plastic)
5. Divide into 120g and place them square shaped on flat trays
6. Dry prove for approx. 20 min, place tray on top of dough piece to maintain flat shape during baking
7. Pre-heat oven 220C / 4280F (no steam), once bread is placed into the oven, reduce temperature to 200C / 3920F and bake for approx. 20-30 min (open damper / vent after 15 min)
Yield:  75 Paninis scaled at 120g