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Sundried Tomato Bread - Artisan Bread Complete

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Recipe No:  394160r02
Group  Ingredient KG
1 Artisan Bread Complete 5.000
Yeast (approx) 0.100
Water (approx) 3.500
Dried Herbs (Basil Oregano Rosemary Thyme) 0.025
2 Sun Dried Tomatoes 0.750

  Total Weight 9.375
Method:  1. Place Group 1 ingredients into a spiral mixer (see recipe above / calculate dough temperature).
2. Mixing time approx. 7 min slow / 9 min fast (Dough Temp. 26C / 790F), until dough is fully developed. Add Group 2 ingredients and mix for 1-2 min slow speed.
3. Rest in oiled container for at least 60 min (cover container with lid or plastic).
4. Divide into 450g, flatten dough into an oval sheet of even thickness. Roll dough piece tight by applying the correct pressure / tension. Mould gently into correct length, moving from the centre towards the end and place them on setter or flat trays.
5. Dry Prove (cover baguette with plastic) approx. 30-60 min until dough is fully proved (Indentation Test).
6. Dust dough surface slightly with rye flour and cut 3-4 times on a 45 degree angle.
7. Pre-heat oven 230C / 4460F (steam), once bread is placed into the oven, reduce temperature to 205C / 4010F and bake for approx. 35-40 min (open damper / vent after 25 min).
Yield:  20 loaves scaled at 500g